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How To Shave Your Balls

Well, it may look tedious, but it’s actually easier than you think! Understandably you may be scared of nasty, painful, and awkward accidents. But here’s the point, don't be deceived that there’s nothing wrong with fury testicles. If you’ve been wondering how you should go about shaving your balls, then you’ve come to the right place. 


You may probably be confused about how to go about it or with the appropriate balls shaver to use for your balls. But do not get confused and we won’t beat around the bush. Pubic hair grooming is more important than you think. This is probably one of the best and most important self-care tips for men. Now let’s get down to it!

Should You Shave Your Balls

One of the most comforting things you can do for your health as a man is to shave your balls. Fortunately, you’re in the right place where you will get the right guidance on how to go about that. You’re now among the new clan of big men who take even the simplest things that young boys overlook with a whole different perspective. 


Now, let’s get to it.

Simply put, shaving your balls have a ton of benefits

  • It improves hygiene
  • Boosts skin sensitivity
  • Increases your confidence
  • Makes you more comfortable


Now let’s get into each of these benefits. Don’t worry we will keep it simple and interesting! 

It Improves Hygiene

Let’s face the fact, nobody wants to deal with smelly balls. Yes, you take your health seriously, you hit the gym regularly, take regular showers, practice good oral hygiene, and keep yourself hydrated. Yes, these are great and you’re doing well if you’ve been doing all these consistently. But you can do even great. 


You treasure your balls so much that you’re scared of getting them hurt. The truth is that bacteria don’t give a damn about your balls. In fact, given the chance, they want to eat it. Do you remember that foul smell that oozes out from unkempt balls like a rotten egg that’s been left on the table for days? Yes, that’s bacteria action on your balls. Now that you get that right, it’s time to trim the bush and get them clean.

Boosts Skin Sensitivity

Your partner may have never talked about it but she actually prefers smooth balls. So, even if you’ve found no reason to shave your balls, doing it for your partner is a good reason. Shaved balls generate more sensual pleasure for yourself and your partner. 


If you’ve never shaved your balls before, here’s a great idea you can try today after reading this guide, go to the bathroom and shave your balls, then surprise your significant other with your clean and beautifully shaved balls. Demonstrate your care by doing this and you will realize that it’s worth more than a Christmas gift.

Increases Your Confidence

The connection between shaved balls and confidence may sound surprising. Here’s a fact - when you groom your pubic hair you will feel some sense of satisfaction as a total man. It’s time to put a new spring in your step and a strut in your posture. 


When you start developing the mindset that you have every part of your body clean and all ticks checked concerning your personal hygiene. Now you’re more concerned about your self-care efforts in the bathroom and that boosts your confidence.


Makes You More Comfortable 

Now that you’ve decided to fully commit efforts to make your balls super clean, there’s no doubt that you will be more comfortable. Shaving your balls as part of your weekly self-care routine is not going to cut your nuts off, it’s actually going to transform your balls and the way your trousers feel against your skin. 


No more feeling of coarse, rough, curly hairs underneath your trousers. No more awkward itching when you’re having that great speech or presentation. Now there’s some breathing space down there. You’ve eliminated pubic sweat, odor, irritation, and even the extra heat. Now, you’re truly comfortable.

The Best And Safest Way To Shave Your Balls

The first step to achieving perfectly shaved balls is the mindset. Yes, you need to get ready and be totally convinced that it’s to your benefit. Then you will need the right tools. The skin making up the scrotum and other supporting pubic structures is actually very soft, thin so makes it fragile. 


Hence, you will want to be sure to work with a tool with automatic controls such as an electric groomer. Manual razors will not work as effectively as electric groomers. While shaving your balls with a razor may sound attractive, we urge you not to fall into that temptation. 


To start with, remember that razors are sharp and will not take into account the sensitive skin surrounding your balls. There are a lot of risks involved beyond just getting your nuts bruised, you could even get those bruised infected and that’s going to be really awkward, and discomforting. 


We recommend shaving with a men’s ball shaver that doesn’t give anxiety when you’re trimming your balls and even when you’re reaching your crotch area. It is normal to be a little anxious if you have a fully-grown caveman down there, so this makes grooming scary. However, with the right tool, you have nothing to fear. 


The Balla Men’s Intimate Groomer satisfies all these requirements and trims your hairs without the fear of a razor burn that is typical of safety razors or any typical sharp blades. You see, shaving your pubes isn’t much of a big deal when you have the right tool. 


The Bella Men’s Intimate Groomer is an all-in-one hair removal and electric trimmer solution which makes it superior to most hair trimmers that you find around. It’s versatile, and a team player so you can use it to groom the rest of your body. Now that you’ve got the right tool. Keep it safe, remember it’s special..haha. Now let’s get your balls ready for proper shaving.

Prepare Your Balls For Proper Shaving

You should follow these steps comfortably. Ready…let’s go…


You Need To Trim First

Get yourself comfortable, feel free to spread your legs. Trimming is easy, you can even do it dry without adding any warm water or cold water. So you can do this in your comfort, so spread your legs and give your pubes some space. Now that you’ve done this, let’s ride onto the next step.

Get In The Shower

Now that you’ve trimmed your pubes, now get in the bathroom to rinse away any trimmed hair so your balls shaver can have a way for an easy, fresh, clean shave. You can apply a shaving gel such as a pre-shave oil to soften the hair. Be sure that your pre-shave oil or shaving cream is skin-friendly and glides easily


Then bring out your specially designed balls shaver for men and start shaving. You should be excited to do this.

Carefully Shave Your Balls

Now let’s get down to the real deal. Shaving your balls is something you want to approach without missing a thing. Feel free to touch them, after all, they’re the most intimate part of your body. It’s actually simple, gently pull your big boys one way with one hand, then use your other hand to shave with your man ball shaver, pull the other way, shave, pull down, shave, pull up, shave. If you miss a spot, go back and shave again till you get a perfect looking well-shaved ball. Now rinse and double-check again. 


Aftercare Tips for Shaved Balls

Our discussion on how to shave your balls will be incomplete if we do not talk about some aftercare tips that will help you soothe your skin, and prevent awkward irritations and as well as infections. Here’s the truth, these things can be annoying and discouraging. 


But you’re in the right place so there’s no need to get discouraged. Remember your balls are different from your face. It is easy to shave your beards and you just slap some aftershave on your face and that’s just it. But with your balls, it’s a different scenario. Balls are fragile so they need some attention, some coddling. 


You can do this by applying a gentle shave oil. If that’s not available you can apply aloe. Additionally, be sure to avoid contact with any toxic agent such as alcohol and menthol that could induce irritation of your newly-shaved scrotum.


Final Words

Shaving your balls may seem like a difficult task. In fact, the potential risks could be discouraging, but with the right information and tools, there’s nothing to fear. At Fuze Brands, we provide the best quality products for your personal grooming. Feel free to get in touch with us.

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