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A Perfect Solution to Men’s Worst Fear: Ingrown Hair!

Do Back Shavers Truly Work?


 Men’s worst fears have been acknowledged to include fear of snakes, heights, and failing, amongst many others. One fear which can very much fit the description of men’s worst fear is called “ingrown hair”. This is the fear that overcomes a lot of men from an early stage in their pubic life when some of the symptoms are just showing up.

The worst of it is not having anyone to speak to about it because they think of it as an unusual and weird body programming and feel unsafe sharing this, even with someone who might be able to proffer some methods to manage it. With a lot of this time wasted on contemplating the negative ‘what ifs’ of sharing their unique body features, what was supposed to be a minor issue escalates into something else, which would need more to manage at the spontaneous rate at which the hair grows.


Why do you need to shave?

Many men don’t like having a lot of hair on their backs and want a quick way to keep their backs clean. Back hair can also make people smell bad, so they might not be attractive to their partner.

But you shouldn’t worry about being the only person in the room with back hair because it’s a common knowledge that most men have a lot of back hair, and in some cases, you can even find women with these traits. Many people just like you are looking for the best back shavers.


Other ways of getting rid of hair have downsides. Waxing is painful, depilatories can be harsh on the skin and smell bad, and laser and electrolysis cost a lot of money. So, many men choose to use back hair shavers because it is cheap.

However, a minor population of men still question if back shavers really work efficiently as being portrayed by advertisers.


Do Back Shavers Work as Expected?

Back shavers are either electric or manual. It has a different kind of blade. Ingrown hairs aren’t as common with this design as they are with straight or foil blades.

This tool has an extendable handle that can be fixed at certain points so the shaver can reach all parts of the back. This is not to say that the first time you use this device to shave back hair, you will find it easy. You’ll need to practice a few times and be patient as you learn the different angles and positions you need to use to “get all the hair.”

The user reviews are mostly positive, and after a bit of practice, most men seem to find this device very effective. It only a few minutes a day or a few days, depending on how quickly your hair grows, to use this device.

So yes, back shavers really do work, with a bit of practice and the right type of back shaver, you can use the back shavers. Fuze Brands has some great back shavers you can consider for the best experience.


What To Think About When Deciding to Buy Your Back Shaver

Before you buy a back shaver, you should do some research to make sure it works well. It could be a waste of money if you don’t. Are you thinking about the best shaver to choose? Below are features that will help you make a decision:

Type of Handle

The back shaver’s handles is the first thing you should look at. There is a good chance that you won’t be happy with your shaver if its handle hard to hold, slippery, or just painful to use. Your goal is to find something easy and comfortable to hold.

To avoid an accident, you don’t want the shaver falling out of your hands. It is advisable to choose one with a handle that is easy to grip.

Make sure the back shaver you choose has about eight inches length of handle. You may also go for a back shaver with a handle capable of being adjusted. There are parts of your back the arms can’t get to easily. You would need the handle in order to reach them.



A back shaver is expected to give you good results, which is why you need to choose one that does an excellent job of cutting. Think about what kind of a shave you desire. Would you like it to be as smooth as a baby’s skin, or do you want to simply trim it down a little?

The shaver type you choose to go for may not be very important if you are not trying to get a close shave. However, if you want a very close shave, you’ll need to buy a shaver with good quality.


Manually or with an electric power source

There are a lot of choices available to meet your needs. You can choose to purchase one that runs on batteries or a different type that needs to be connected to electricity. If you purchase an electric shaver, you may have to consider some things.

Some battery-powered back shavers can last a long time, so if that is what you choose, you would have to look for ones that have a long lasting battery life. To ensure you don’t have to move too much while getting your back shaved, you should use one with a long cord.

For people who don’t want to keep track of cords and check their lengths, a battery back shaver might be better.

If your back has a lot of thick hair, an electric shaver is a great choice. In general, electric shavers don’t knick your skin, but they may become too noisy at times. After making use of an electric shaver, you can wash your hair off into the drain of your shower to get rid of it.

It’s advisable to go slowly irrespective of the back shaver you choose. You need to shave your back in contrast to hair growth, where you start from top and move to the bottom. Ensure you have long strokes, at least when you are starting.


Dry or Wet Shave

It really depends on your personal preference. You need to consider if you would love to shave dry or wet.

It’s possible to use a back shaver as either dry or wet. The best way to shave when your skin is sensitive is to do it when your skin is dry. Ensure that the shavers you are looking into are right for you and your skin type before you buy them.



Think about when you plan to use your shaver.  When getting your back shaved in the morning, you might be in a hurry to go off to work. In case this applies to you, ensure you pick a safety shaver that can do the job quickly. Some shavers will demand that you be more careful and not rush, so if you’re going to be in haste, we don’t recommend using them. You could get yourself hurt.

If you want to shave your back at night or on the weekend, you might have enough time to make use of a safety shaver and be a lot more careful. Make sure to consider your schedule when purchasing back shavers!


Type of skin

It is essential to think about your unique type of skin when looking for a back shaver which suits your purpose. It’s more important to be careful if your skin is sensitive. You don’t want to have razor burn or inflamed skin.

By knowing your skin type and buying a shaver that fits, you can lessen the likelihood of getting an irritated skin after a shave. You don’t have to be ashamed of having dry or itchy skin.

The skin at your back may be more sensitive when compared to other parts of your body. You only need to ensure that you get the shave done with less speed in the areas that are more sensitive to avoid more pain.

You are likely not having very sensitive type of skin if you don’t get any pain when you shave. In such instance, you may be less careful when you choose a back shaver because you don’t need one for such skin.


Environmental Effect

In case you are a person who loves to help the environment as much as possible, then you’re going to be happy to know that there are a lot of eco-friendly shavers you may pick from.

Eco-friendly people should not use disposable shavers because they waste a lot of paper and other things. Refillable shavers will make less waste that goes into the trash. As a good thing, there are a lot of plastic-free, reusable shavers that are made exist for long.



After fully understanding the causes of ingrown hair and now finding the perfect solution, all that’s left is to consider the above factors and decide what you want out of your back shaver, being a product that gives you zero risk of having ingrown hair. There are a variety of back shavers to check out at Fuze Brands, from which you can pin down the right back shaver to fit your needs. 

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