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The Difference In Body Shavers


Generally, women pay more attention to their bodies and looks; but this perspective has changed in current times as more men are more concerned with their grooming. Man-scaping is the act of removing excess hair on the body of a man. Man-scaping is not concerned with completely removing every hair from your body; instead, it is more about putting the growth of your body hair under control. Man-scaping will give you a clean look, enhance your hygiene, and improve your self-confidence in public and in an intimate setting. Using the appropriate equipment creates a wide range of man-scaping possibilities. There is nothing wrong with making a little extra effort to incorporate a good hygiene strategy for body grooming.

More often than not, a man making the somewhat "female effort" to groom themselves is ridiculed as being vain. The world has developed that what used to be considered vain, i.e., being a metrosexual male, is now mainstream. Considering that we all get just one body, there is absolutely nothing wrong with caring about yours in any way that suits you. Taking time to man-scape will make you happy, and your significant other will appreciate the time and efforts you make. Shaving your body or back is not a bad idea; it is the opposite. There are different grooming tools, including back and body shavers, back and shoulder shavers, back razor shavers, foil shavers, electric shavers, back shavers electric, etc. Most foil shavers last from 12 to 18 months, depending on usage and other external factors. However, electric shavers would typically last for 3 to 5 years.


Manual razors


Usually, most body groomers look like the electric clippers and razors used in barbering or styling shops. They are designed to fit within the grasp of a man's hand comfortably. Most razors use a standard electrical current, but some battery-powered razors are also used. This feature allows the groomer or razor to be readily available even when an electrical outlet is unavailable.




A body groomer set usually comes with varying blade attachments, all suited for one form of grooming activity. Hence, it is essential to be knowledgeable of the function of each attachment. There is an attachment used to thin hair on the chest and stomach; another different attachment can be used to trim the length of the hair, and another attachment is intended for use in areas where the hair needs to be removed completely. Attachments for areas such as on the back and the nape of the neck are also an everyday accessory sold with the body groomer. Manufacturers will always include detailed instructions for every attachment and how they are used to achieve the desired hair contouring, including trimming or complete shaving of various body areas.

Wax Strips



A wax strip is one effective way of completely removing all the hairs on your back or body. Using a wax strip is not just practical but also fast.  However, it is not a favored option because it can be excruciatingly painful. Hence, you should be aware of the effect before using the wax option on your excess hair. 

A body and back shaver


A body and back shaver is an indispensable tool for body grooming and hair trimming. It is also called a body razor, and it allows a user to trim or thin out the hair on the back and other parts of the body that are not intimate or sensitive. A personal groomer can use these body shaving tools at a health spa or a facility offering body care. They can also be used privately at home for personal grooming for both genders. Although either gender uses body razors, body and back shavers are used mainly by the male gender for grooming purposes. The fact is body hair isn't attractive or great. It looks weird and sometimes smells; it chafes and hides your toned and chiseled body. It is worthy of note that the definition of man-scaping includes shaving the chest, stomach, armpits, and back hairs.

If this is your first time man-scaping, here are some essential tips on how to trim various parts of your body.

  • Do not be in a hurry. Body shaving is a comprehensive act, and also, since it involves using a blade on your skin, you should be cautious. On your first attempt, stick to trim rather than a total shave; otherwise, you might look like a newborn baby. Taking an inch is advisable, and you can use trimmers without being open to the risk of hair irritation, razor bump, or ingrown hairs itching. 
  • After trimming, you can turn on your body shaver and work. When using the body shaver, focusing on the target body area is crucial to get maximum effect. With the Fuze Brand, their Back and Body shaver have a long handle and two shaving blades that are functional for a dry, wet, or creamed body. With the long handle, you can extend to shave all parts of your back comfortably and painlessly.
  • You should begin shaving from the top and work your way down. When you stick to this method, you can significantly reduce the possibility of missing some regions of your back. 
  • When shaving your arms and legs, all you need is a clean trim to keep your arm and leg hair neat. This way, you can reduce chafing and be more flexible.
  • For a not particularly hairy person, trimming chest hairs will not take so much time or effort.  Keeping the hair length proportion with your legs and arms is advisable, or the difference will be too noticeable. 
  • Shaving your armpit's hair is probably the most hygienic form of man-scaping. Aside from the fact that the mere sighting of overgrown ambit hair is off-putting, the hair retains sweat and deodorant; it causes offensive odors and discolors on your shirts. When you trim or shave your hair, it reduces the sweat you produce. No armpit sweat means little or no odor and an overall self-confidence boost. A shortly trimmed non-protruding armpit hair is very masculine and attractive. 
  • Most people do not like having hair on their back. People hate having back hairs because it is not a standard feature and the fact that you cannot comfortably put off your shirt in public. Hence, the first rule on back hair should not exist for many people. Considering its location, shaving your back hair can be difficult if you are using a regular razor, except you solicit the help of your spouse or friend. However, this difficulty is completely removed with the Fuze back and body shaver because it has an extra-long handle that eliminates the need to get help while grooming.
  • It is advisable to trim your body hairs; otherwise, you might look like a prepubescent boy. 



  1. It has two blades. These blades are suitable for two skin types when shaving. For instance, if you had a warm shower before shaving or applied shaving cream or gel to your skin first, there is a blade suited for that. Also, if you prefer a shave on your dry skin, you can use the second blade. 
  2. It has a collapsible extra-long handle suitable for reaching all angles on your back and body. The handles are made from sturdy plastic and cannot be easily broken, and the handles collapse into two, so it does not take up much room. Fuze Brands
  3. Two dry gliding blade cartilages accompany the self-back shaver. 
  4. The back shaving blades are detachable from the handle, allowing you to detach them and efficiently use the same blades on your chest and abdomen.
  5. The shavers are not powered electrically or with a battery 
  6. The blades are not subject to rust, nor can they cut or break your skin
  7. The shaving blades are painless even with close shaves.
  8. The shavers are reasonably priced.
  9. You have the option of getting either one or two or four replacement blades from the back and body shaver. Replacement Blades


The mindset that a man should not be beauty conscious is fast slipping away, and more men are into personal grooming. Hence, in deciding on the best grooming option and kit, you must first be knowledgeable on tips you can apply to the target areas. The Fuze Brand Back and Body shaver is a trusted brand and option tailored to work for every man and every skin type. This product is carefully made to be painless and easy to use. You can purchase it directly from the company website, where you would also see glowing reviews from past and current users. 

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